Cllr. Paavo AmweleMayor
Cllr. Saima Nangula NamukwambiDeputy Mayor
Cllr. Andreas KalumbuChairperson of Man. Committee
Cllr. Anna Ellen IitopeMember of Man. Committee
Cllr. Abed Paulus MatsiMember of Man. Committee
CLLR. Leonard Sunday NegongaCouncil Member
Cllr. Johannes Martin Council Member


Police Service

Police: 065-242650
Police: 065-242663/242651

Fire Service

Fire brigade: 0814410889 / 0812798665
NAC Fire Services: 065-240515

Electrical Service

Electricity failures: 065-2822123 / 248847
NORED Toll-Free: 0800000100

Water Service

Burst water pipe: 065-240101

Ambulance Service

State Ambulance: 065 280400/1
Namibia Private Ambulance Services: 0819696/ 0811473387
Ondangwa Private Ambulance Services: 08190200
E-med: 081924

Hospital Service

Ondangwa Private Hospital: 065-242395/6

Ondangwa State Hospital: 065-280400/1/2/3